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Some of the benefits of hypnosis

for health & wellness

What My Clients Say

“Lewina has a soft and calming voice and is very understanding. She listens to her clients’ needs and tailors her sessions accordingly. Lewina has worked on helping me heal some old childhood wounds and building my self-esteem and confidence and after just a few sessions, the changes were already remarkable. These changes have had a positive impact on both my professional and personal growth and I would recommend Lewina to anyone wanting to experience the benefits of hypnosis.”

Alyssia Guerin - FRANCE

“I had sessions with Lewina over a series of weeks, to work through some food addiction and stress/anxiety issues I was having. My sessions with Lewina enabled me to break through some of the barriers I had around these issues. Her calming voice and peaceful manner never failed to put me at ease, and each session found me sliding into trance easier and faster. Lewina gave me the tools I need to continue to work on further issues that arise, without needing to book a session. I literally have the tools and the means within my own mind. Lewina truly gave me a gift, I would recommend her to anyone!”

Kristen M. - CANADA
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