Less procrastinating, more creating those new habits you desire!

It’s time to say bye-bye to procrastination and hello to some shiny new habits!

I’ve been inspired this year by James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits” that really resonated with some of the principles I apply in my hypnotherapy sessions and I wanted to share some of those insights with you so you too can create some awesome new habits for yourself!

The compound effect of habits:

Ever wonder how tiny actions accumulate to shape our lives? Just like investments, habits compound and they can work for us, or against us. Every small choice you make contributes to the person you become. Let’s take the positive compounding effect for example of accomplishing just one extra task each day. That one single task may seem insignificant, but when you add up all the extra tasks over a year, that’s far from nothing! Negative thoughts can have a negative compounding effect because the more you think badly about yourself, the more you begin to believe it, and the more your habits begin to reflect what you believe to be true about yourself.

Prioritise your system over your goal

James Clear emphasises focusing on systems rather than goals. When our eyes are fixated solely on the finish line, we often overlook the importance of the journey we take to get there. By focusing solely on an end goal, you can find yourself perpetually unhappy as you’re always striving to reach that next big goal… “I’ll be truly happy if/when I …”. This is why, in my consultations, I ask potential clients what habits or behaviours they feel need to change for them to reach their goal. I’m actually asking about the system that needs to change as a means to reach the goal.

Progress is rarely linear

In most cases, deciding on a goal doesn’t mean we’re just going to adopt some new habits and breeze right on through to the finish line. Setbacks are normal and expected as you learn to shed old habits, old beliefs and grow new roots.

The three layers of behaviour change

Understanding behaviour change requires recognising its three layers: outcomes (your goal), processes (your system), and identity (your beliefs). While outcome-based habits are crucial, the real transformation lies at the identity level, which involves changing your beliefs, not only about yourself, but about how you view the world. So instead of changing habits based on what you want to achieve, consider basing habits on the identity you want to embody. On who you want to become.

Enter hypnotherapy… Hypnotherapy is a modality that can help you update and reframe negative beliefs about yourself and embody positive beliefs. This internal shift serves as the cornerstone for adopting, and SUSTAINING, life-altering habits.

I’d love to hear what habits you’re hoping to create for yourself this year. Let me know in the comments!

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