Behind the scenes: My secret sauce for supporting my clients!

Behind the scenes: My secret sauce for supporting my clients!

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of my hypnotherapy practice to provide you with the best possible level of support? Here’s a sneak peek…

My daily routine

Now this may seem irrelevant when it comes to supporting my clients, but maintaining a daily routine helps keep me grounded, organised and focused because I truly believe that a clear mind on my part means better support for you. My “routine” isn’t always the same from day to day as I like to switch it up depending on my mood and my current physical and emotional needs. Some days it’s even as simple as taking a quiet moment myself to journal and reflecting while I sip my morning coffee.

Mind-body practices

These practices help me nurture my own physical and emotional wellbeing so that I’m in the best possible mindset to help YOU thrive and reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. Some of my staples are self-hypnosis, breathwork, yoga and acupuncture. When needed, I book myself in for some hypnotherapy sessions to work on my own personal and professional goals.

Regular supervision and continued education

I have solid training in hypnotherapy and a number of specialty training in fertility hypnosis, HypnoBirth and hypnosis for sexual wellness, but I make it a mission to go above and beyond this with regular supervision and additional education and training. Supervision allows me to connect with my hypnotherapy peers of all levels of experience to go over case studies and discuss best practices. It’s also an opportunity to explore any areas of personal development I need to address to ensure the best possible support for my clients. I’m also always looking for workshops and training that allow me to grow my hypnotherapy and support skills and am also currently completing a bachelor’s degree in sexology, which is a fascinating mix of biology, psychology and more.

Reading up on scientific insights

I enjoy spending time perusing scientific articles to stay updated and support my clients with an evidenced based approach. There really is a large and compelling body of evidence regarding the uses and benefits of hypnotherapy in every sphere of physical and emotional health and wellness that I always look forward to discovering, sharing and integrating in my practice.

And this is the secret sauce that fuels my commitment to providing the best support for my client; a combination of personal well-being practices, ongoing professional development, and a commitment to evidence-based approaches that allows me to evolve and refine my practice and offer you the most comprehensive and effective support on your transformative journey. Helping you create deep and lasting change is my priority!

Curious to know more about my practice? Drop me your questions in the comments.

Lewina K. Aldred, RCH (she/her/elle)
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